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According to color theorists, the colour Red connotes positivity, strength and optimism. When you play at the Red Flush online casino you’ll experience the flush of red’s power that combines with the rewards that come from your gambling activities, resulting in vivid gambling events, bright bonus packages and multi-shades of gaming successes. The Red Flush online casino is a veteran Microgaming casino, seasoned in the art of providing players with the best that the online gambling world has to offer.

Players are invited to play at Red Flush at any time and from any location on their PC or mobile device. Red Flush offers Download casino gaming for home-based players who want to access the casino on their personal laptop or desktop PC and play a fast-loading gaming event from the comfort of their living room armchair.

The Red Flush Flash Casino opens on any browser to bring you safe and secure gambling entertainment via cable or Wifi connectivity. You can play right at the casino’s website through your personal account with no worries that your personal data, gaming history or banking information might be compromised. The Flash Casino is a secure site which protects all of your gaming activities and contact information.

Smartphone and tablet users have 24/7 entry to the mobile casino real money site. You can play at the mobile casino at any time and from any location on your mobile browser or through a downloaded Red Flush casino app. Casino advisors generally suggest that you go ahead and download the app so that you can access the casino with one click on your mobile screen and play conveniently via the casino’s touchscreen navigation tools.

Regardless of your preferred gaming platform you’ll win real money games as you enjoy high-definition imagery, a realistic sound track and all of the other amenities that allow you to bring Las Vegas casino entertainment to your personal gambling device.

Flush of Red

When your face flushes red it often means that you’re blushing. Something has made you feel self-conscious or exposed. Some fun facts about blushing:

  • When you blush the capillaries that are in your face, closest to the skin’s surface, expand. This allows blood to rush in which is what everyone sees
  • According to some researchers, blushers make better lovers. It’s not clear whether their hormone levels are higher or they’re just more inclined to be more passionate but people who flush generally show higher rates of romantic inclinations
  • When you blush, your stomach lining turns red simultaneously
  • Many people don’t like to blush because they feel as though they’re losing control. In fact however, blushing may be good for you because other people see it as a sign that you’re trustworthy and that you have a strong sense of honour

There’s nothing secret about Red Flush’s great games, big bonus payouts or other casino amenities. Everything is laid out on the easy-to-navigate website which gives you the opportunity to enjoy a casino experience that’s tailor-made for your individual needs and expectations.

Casino Games

Whether you feel like playing a classic card game of blackjack or poker, joining a Karaoke event with the Karaoke Party pokies or trying a keno variation with the Monkey Keno lottery game, you’ll find all of those options plus hundreds more at the Red Flush casino.

Red Flush flushes with one of the online casino world’s largest gambling empires with games that range from old-fashioned casino stalwarts such as roulette, craps and baccarat to the most technologically-advanced 21st century games with interactive arcade and variety games, video poker, online pokies and more.

You might want to select a quiet game that involves a plot of romance such as the Immortal Romance or Starlight Kiss pokies or select an animal-themed pokies that depicts wild animals in their native habitat including Untamed: Uncrowned Eagle, Untamed: Bengal Tiger or Untamed: Giant Panda. There are also multiple slots with storylines about funny, whimsical animals such as the Pretty Kitty slots, Hound Hotel or Kitty Glitter. Red Flush features numerous additional slots themes which depict other types of plots such as slots with storylines involving mythology, history, magic, culinary arts, science fiction, suspense, travel, adventure, mystery, mysticism and more.

The Red Flush website provides reviews of all of these slots so you can find a game that offers the kind of elements that allow you to play the kind of interactive slot machine that fits your personal needs. Some of these elements include 1024 Ways to Win, scatter combination payouts, rolling reels, cascading symbols, exploding symbols, wild symbols, 243 Ways to Win, free spins, Gamble games and more.

Bonus Promotions

Red Flush flushes out the winners with exceptional real money no deposit bonus promotions that allow you to play more games for more time for free. The most exciting bonus at the casino is the Welcome Bonus with gifts you with 100% match bonuses over 7 days. Make your first deposit at the casino and start your seven day countdown. Every day you’ll receive a 100% march bonus on your casino deposits.

You can make all of your deposits and withdraw all of your winnings in New Zealand dollars. You are also invited to participate in all of the other sensational bonuses that the casino offers. These include

  • Loyalty Rewards – Loyalty Points are granted based on the games that you play, the number of those game played and the amounts of your deposits. As you climb up the Loyalty Rewards ladder you become eligible for bigger and better prizes and more bonus credits.
  • Multi Player tournaments – you can compete in one of the casino’s multi-layer competitions where you can practice your skills as you compete against other tournament participants. Gamers from around the world compete in these tournaments. At the end of each tournament, the player with the highest Win Box takes home the entire tournament prize.

There are two types of Red Flush Casino tournaments, the Buy-in tournaments and the Freeroll tournaments. In a Freeroll tournament you enter for free while you purchase your entry into a Buy-in tournament. Regardless of the type of tournament that you’ve entered you can rebuy (start over again as you try and obtain a better score)or continue (purchase more credits).

The games, bonuses, tournaments and other casino goodies combine make playing at the Red Flush online casino a superior casino event of fun, excitement and lucrative payouts.

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