Play Blackjack Online Nz

Online Blackjack NZ is a popular casino game that many players prefer. A significant factor about the game is that you have to play Blackjack online with real money as playing it in free mode is not a good experience. With many safe, legitimate and legal casino sites in New Zealand offering online casino blackjack as one of their top-rated games, you can now enjoy the game in your mobile or desktop at your convenience and hit the jackpot with a few clicks and strokes. Our reviews on the live games and others help you choose the best casinos with a suitable license that accept safe payment methods like PayPal.

BlackJack Tips

Many players mistakenly think that they need to be as near to 21 to win at online casino Blackjack. The main goal when you play blackjack online is to defeat the blackjack dealer. It is possible if you join Lucky Nugget. This can be achieved mainly by causing them to go broke.
Here are a few tips:

  • Instead of hitting 21, focus on defeating the hand of the player.
  • If your dealer has a low card on the first deal, the dealer will draw on more cards up until the points exceed 16 or they go bust.
  • If you possess a card that totals to 10 points and has a low number card on hold, the dealer will assume you to have a minimum of 10 points on hold. The dealer is forced to take on a minimum of one card more. This increases the chance of the dealer going bust.
  • When you use the above simple tactics correctly and with luck, on your side, you can lower house edge and even wipe it out in the subsequent card game.

Main Blackjack Terms

  • Dealer – An employee of casino who deals the Blackjack cards at the casino table
  • Deck – This denotes a 52 card standard deck
  • Hand- Original set of cards given to every player
  • High roller – A player betting huge money
  • Hole – unseen card of the dealer
  • House – another name for casino
  • Upcard – Exposed card of the dealer visible to all players
  • Twentyone – another name for Blackjack game
  • Toke or tip- gratuity a player gives to the dealer
  • Single deck – A game with just one deck of cards
  • Multiple-deck – A game with more than a single deck of cards
  • Blackjac k- When you have a card with value 10 and an Ace card, it is termed as Automatic winning/Blackjack hand
  • Bust – When the sum total of points in your hand is over 21 you become an automatic loser
  • Card counter: A talented player who can track the cards as the dealer deals them
  • Double down- The choice a player has to double his or her bet with just one card to be dealt.

Best Blackjack Strategies

Here are some best strategies to use when you play blackjack online:

  • By combining three important elements, namely identifying and locating best promotions, best tables, and using perfect strategy, you can easily win high payouts at Blackjack.
  • Of the various games offered in online casinos including Baccarat, slots and royal Roulette, Blackjack is best as it creates the most winners consistently. This is because the game has the lowest house edge of 0.5 per cent
  • By using optimal strategy in online blackjack NZ, you can turn the house edge to winning odds in favour of the player.
  • When you know the right time to spilt your cards, double your bet, buy insurance, surrender or do other advanced plays you are sure to win.
  • To know when to split the cards you have to evaluate your hand and that of the dealers, use blackjack odds and know the skill of creating two instead of one winning hand.

How to Win Jackpot

You can play Blackjack online in different ways and get the chance to win a jackpot, such as a progressive jackpot. The jackpot is named so, as it increases every time a player bets on winning the jackpot. If you place $1 worth bet on the progressive jackpot, the money will be added to the jackpot when you fail to win. Thus the jackpot amount increases. When you have mastered the game and know the best strategies you can win big jackpots worth millions easily.

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